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Alliance 33 Meter Z Fold

Truck Details

33 Meter 4 Section Z-Fold features one of the most desirable outrigger designs in the industry. The small footprint maintains maximum stability allowing operators to easily navigate cluttered jobsites.

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Dimensions & Diagrams

Truck Specifications

Length: 36’1″ (11m)
Height: 13″ (3.95m)
Wheelbase: 19’3″ (5.84m)
Front Axel Weight: 17,500lbs
Rear Axel Weight: 39,250lbs
Approx. Total Weight: 56,750lbs

Boom Specifications

Height & Reach

Vertical Reach: 106’8″ (32.5m)
Horizontal Reach: 93’6″ (28.5m)
Reach Depth: 85’4″ (26m)
Unfolding Height: 24’11” (7.6m)


1st Section Length: 26’3″ (8m)
2nd Section Length: 22’6″ (6.85m)
3rd Section Length: 22’6″ (6.85m)
4th Section Length: 22’4″ (6.8m)

General Specs

Pipe Size (ID): 125 mm (5″)
Front Outrigger Spread: 20’8″ (6.3m)
Rear Outrigger Spread: 13′ (3.9m)

Pump Specifications

Output – Rod Side: 164m³/h (215 yd³/h)
Pressure – Rod Side: 72 Bar (1044 psi)
Concrete Cylinder Diameter: 230 mm (9″)
Stroke Length: 2100 mm (83″)
Maximum Strokes per Minute: 31