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Putzmeister 38 Meter Z Fold

Truck Details

Putzmeister’s most popular truck-mounted boom pump size, the 38Z-Meter, offers Multi-Z boom flexibility for a multitude of job sites and the reach to place concrete exactly where you want it. Compact outriggers give you a quick setup in tight locations. This is the only four-section, 121-foot 9-inch Multi-Z boom on the market with X-style outriggers. Specially engineered to help contractors extend their pumping season, this three-axle unit can be ordered as a frost law weight compliant model featuring a tag axle that can be removed when frost laws are not in effect.

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Dimensions & Diagrams

Truck Specifications

Length: 39′ 3″ (11.97m)
Width: 8′ 2″ (2.50m)
Height: 12′ 11″ (3.94m)
Wheelbase: 215″ (5,461mm)
Front Axel Weight: 19,400 lbs (8,800kg)
Rear Axel Weight: 37,400 lbs (17,000kg)
Approx. Total Weight: 56,800 lbs (25,800kg)

Boom Specifications

Height & Reach

Vertical Reach: 121′ 9″ (37.11m)
Horizontal Reach: 108′ 7″ (33.10m)
Reach Depth: 80′ 1″ (24.41m)
Unfolding Height: 28′ 7″ (8.71m)


1st Section Length: 28′ 6″ (8.69m)
2nd Section Length: 25′ 3″ (7.70m)
3rd Section Length: 27′ 7″ (8.41m)
4th Section Length: 27′ 3″ (8.31m)


1st Section Articulation: 103°
2nd Section Articulation: 180°
3rd Section Articulation: 220°
4th Section Articulation: 233°

General Specs

Pipeline Size (ID) metric ends: 5″ (125mm)
Rotation: 365°
End Hose Length: 10’0″ (3.00mm)
End Hose Diameter: 5″ (125mm)
Front Outrigger Spread: 20′ 8″ (6.30m)
Rear Outrigger Spread: 21′ 3″ (6.50m)

Pump Specifications

Output – Rod Side: 210 yd3/hr
Pressure – Rod Side: 1,233 psi (85 bar)
Concrete Cylinder Diameter: 9″
Stroke Length: 83″ (2,100mm)
Maximum Strokes per Minute: 31
Hydraulic System Pressure: 5,075 psi
Differential Cylinder Diameter: 38Z.16H: 5.5″ (140mm), 38Z.18H LS: 5″ (125mm)
Rod Diameter: 3.1″ (80mm)
Maximum Size Aggregate: 2.5″ (63mm)
Water Tank: 185 gal